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Decrease in the current use of the Khmer language

Writing is a solid foundation that not everyone can pass on because it is deeply rooted in the student base from kindergarten to higher education. For example, the writing of the Cambodian people seems to be declining significantly today, no matter how much they study, there are still some spelling and grammar errors. What are the reasons for the decline of Khmer literature? In my opinion, there are four factors that cause the decline of Khmer literature today. The first factor is the social factor that causes a lot of rain to the Khmer language because our country is open to foreign investors in almost all fields and use their own language such as English, Chinese, Korean, Thai and so on.

The second factor is the economic market factor that encourages locals to study hard to learn the foreign language required by the current labor market. On the other hand, if you only know Khmer and do not know a foreign language, it will be difficult for them to find a job, and if they have a job, they will be paid less than those who know a foreign language. This shows that it is not just happening in one country, it is happening in other countries as well. The third factor is the personal factors that do not care much about their language, as they think that knowing Khmer to speak is enough for them.

In addition, they do not value their own language and write in the language they want to write and do not pay much attention to writing. For example, in the current Facebook community, there are a lot of mistakes in writing Khmer letters on personal packs and posting to friends, including advertisements in Khmer letters in public and some shops also have Khmer letters written incorrectly. The last factor is the textbook of students that our country does not have many documents or personal language books for students to read and do exercises according to the preferences of students. In conclusion, the problem facing the decline of the Khmer script mentioned above is a point that we, as Cambodians, should very soon return to focus on and value our language, which has a clear form and format for a long time. “If we all do not pay attention to the national language, who cares?

Instead? ” Below are pictures and posts taken from the social network Facebook, some of which are misspelled. Sometimes writing about spelling is also misspelled, but we have to try to write it correctly with care.

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