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Facebook usage statistics in Cambodia

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media sites in the world. 500 million. In Cambodia, Facebook offers almost unlimited freedom of expression. Freedom of the press has discouraged some people from doing the wrong thing for fear of breaking into the system. Facebook and defamation. For learning, small and large business advertising has also benefited greatly from Facebook.

In addition to the enormous benefits, there are many negative effects embedded in it as well. Freedom on Facebook Has grown out of control due to the creation of many unknown user accounts Clear identity. A young person can have two to three Facebook accounts. Some may have up to five accounts, and those accounts do not have a clear identity. They are created to criticize, insult, or post defamatory videos and for personal gain. .

Some of the activities shared on Facebook have caused fear and intimidation to people living in the country or foreigners. Some of the activities are the culture of Peala Avase, which has reached the eyes of young men and women, and especially minors. This is because the understanding of the terms of use and account creation is too broad. Even the SIM card does not have a clear user identity, let alone Facebook. They can buy a SIM card without an ID card and create a free Facebook account, then spread false information. False information to gain popularity and personal interests that cause serious disaster to society.

Of course, Facebook accounts have age-restricted usage settings that can avoid any touching activity. Affects minors, but some account creators and users are unaware of the rules and conditions. In the making, it makes the player’s level of safety uncontrollable and safe for minors.

In Cambodia, although there are many Facebook users, most Facebook users do not know how to create their own account. Almost do not know the conditions of use, just appear (post), click like (like) and share (share). When there is a problem with hacking Facebook account (hack account), most of the users do not have the ability to manage their account. Having someone else create an account for the use of one or two accounts, not clearing the account before selling the phone and coding Easy-to-guess secrets, such as phone number or date of birth, etc., which can lead to theft Account.

In the last few years, Cambodia has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Facebook users. However, a source named Geeks in Cambodia, which monitors the activities of Facebook users in Cambodia, released the data on February 9, In 2017, Cambodia has a population of about 15. 9 million people, of which about 30% of Facebook users are equal to 4. 8 million people nationwide.

At the same time, there are about 2.9 million daily Facebook users, of which 40% are women equal to 1.2 million and 60% are men. And 1.7 million. They use up to 4.5 million smartphones, including 57% Android, 2.6 million iOS 1.8 million and 3% other series. 0.1 million people. Facebook users are 13 years old and up, and they like to post about 1.2 million photos. In addition, it was noted that Facebook users ranged in age from 13 to over 55 and were divided into five levels. The level with the most players is between 18 and 24 years old, about 44%, equal to 2.1 million. The lowest number of Facebook users was 55 years old and above, with about 4% or 0.21 million. . Subsequently, Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 34, with about 32%, equivalent to 1.5 million people, and IT. From 13 to 17 years old, about 11%, equal to 0.52 million people, and between 35 and 54 years old, about 10%, equal to 0.47 million people People. On the other hand, the level of knowledge of Facebook users today is divided into three levels: high school level, higher education level and other levels. The highest level of Facebook users is around 71 levels. 67% equal to 3.44 million and high school level about 13.95% equal to 0.67 million and higher education level About 14.38% equal to 0.69 million people. Overall, it shows that Cambodia is rich in young people and students, they have a lot of time to use Facebook, and in line with the country’s economic growth.

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