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Do you know and know how to use this sign in KHMER language?

គោមូត្រ (៚) [Komout] has been frequently used on the social network Facebook remarkably recently. But the problem is that the use does not seem to be right. Do you know how to use it? According to the dictionary of Samdech Sang Chuon Nath, a comma is used to complete a particular task or road administration worksheet. The most common is written at the end of the page or at the end of the article, which shows the correct check as the last to Distribute, publish and officially launch.

On the other hand, some users are not clear about the commas when using them, but use them to draw similar lines. Some users add a name that is used as a comma but not a comma. Some documents have multiple stages of inspection, so we see as many as two or three dashes, but I can not conclude that the writer used as A comma or not because it does not seem to be a comma. In conclusion, our remarks at this time are only to inspire attention to the use of the Khmer language and signs. Punctuation in Khmer only.

Meaning from Samdech Sang Chuon Nath Dictionary:
គោមូត្រ = (សំ.),(បា.)(គោមុត្ត “ទឹក​នោម​គោ”) The name of a punctuation device similar to the kan khan kueam kou (៚) For writing only at the end of the story, often used in the end of the poem. This punctuation device is used by the Lankan continent at the end of each Pali word, marked as wind, sounding like a wave. A kind of melody called tarangak; Probably our ancestors originally used this in continental Lanka for the place only at the end of the verse. Do you know the sound identifier? After a while, even the word list uses this punctuation.

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