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What are the forms of higher education?

The profile of the higher education system is slightly different from country to country or from region to region. Go to one area and possibly from one institution to another. It depends on the socio-geographical context or political characteristics of their country. In general, the forms of higher education are very similar, due to the fact that some countries in the world have changed students, teachers, educators. To study abroad, such as providing mutual scholarships that can provide knowledge learned from each other to develop in their respective countries.

On the other hand, due to the alliance between the countries of the world, all countries have economic, political and other investment relations and require similar standards for good cooperation. The same for each other, the education system requires the same good quality, which can cultivate human resources with the ability to know, can establish effective working relationships with each other.

Obviously, the quality of education is not necessarily of the same high quality, although the forms of the education system are similar, that is, some developed countries and some developing countries lack both material and human resources to Build a successful education system like a developed country. Some developing countries, as well as Cambodia, have been strengthening the quality of their education to a high standard to compete with other well-known countries in the world.

In the next section, we will briefly present the forms of higher education in Cambodia and neighboring countries, as well as partner countries in the field of higher education.

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