The Relationship between School Principal Leadership Styles and Teacher Performance of Secondary School in Kampong Speu Province

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship of school principal leaderships’ styles and teachers’ performance in public secondary schools in Kampong Speu province.

Four research questions were formulated to explore: 1.what extent do principals in three public secondary schools in Kompong Speu Province involve teachers in decision-making, communicate to teachers, and delegate duties to teachers? 2. Is there a significant relationship between principals’ leadership style and teachers’ performance in the three public secondary schools? 3. Are there significant differences in teachers’ perceptions toward principals’ leadership style based on gender, age, educational level and experiences? 3.

Based on teachers’ perspectives, what are school administration matters that require immediate improvements? The study was carried in three public general secondary schools with the total of 127 participants. To accomplish this purpose, the study employed a descriptive design and semi structure interview. The instrument for the study was a five-point Likert type questionnaire. Principal leadership styles and teachers performance were identified as the independent variables and as the dependent variable. The questionnaires on communication to teaching staff, decision-making and delegation of duties were used to describe the principal leadership styles. While lesson plan, assessing students and involve in curricular activities were to determine the teachers’ performance with in the schools. The analysis of the quantitative data was carried out by using frequency, percentages, mean, standard deviation, one-way ANOVA and Pearson correlation.

The finding indicates that there is a positive relationship between leadership styles and teachers’ performance from the lowest (r=0.265), Involvement in Decision Making and Accessing Students to the highest (r=0.560), Delegation of Duties and Involvement in Co-curricular Activities relationship is significance (Sign=0.000 at 0.05 level). The findings revealed that the independent variable, communication to teaching staff, was the most practiced leadership styles in general secondary schools. Furthermore, the teachers’ performance was found to be high in general secondary schools.

In general the findings supposed to conclude, that principals’ leadership style of general secondary schools in in Kampong Speu province had significance effects on decision-making,​communication and delegation to improve the level of teachers’ performance. Based on the findings, it is recommended that the teachers’ ideas and taught should be considered in decision-making about the training criteria in their administration in order to enhance better performance amongst teachers.

This research is conducted by TRY Chantrea in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership at Master of Education program, Royal University of Phnom Penh.

For more information or access this research, please go to get a permission from Faulty of Education at Royal University of Phnom Penh or directly contact by the author, TRY Chantrea, via emal:

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