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Educational form in Thailand

The two main elements of higher education are the Diploma and the Degree level. This degree is intended primarily for students who have chosen a vocational degree in high school. It takes one to four years to complete. Aimed at Diploma Courses
​ Develop the basic skills required to meet the urgent needs of the semi-skilled labor market. Holders of a bachelor’s degree have the option of continuing their studies for an additional two years to obtain a bachelor’s degree, which means that Students go from a professional degree to a continuing education degree.

Undergraduate courses include undergraduate and graduate courses. Most undergraduate courses focus on general skills development and education. Extensive. Graduate students are expected to be able to use it to transform from theory to Practice in their own work as well as in all situations. Significance for these levels is provided within four years, but those who Continuing to study in the fields of medicine and architecture usually takes longer. Graduate subjects provide students with in-depth knowledge in the field Of their specific studies.

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