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When you are seriously ill, which doctor should you go to?

The medical sector in Cambodia is not all bad. But why is treatment so ineffective? Many blame the ability of doctors in their country, some think it is due to the code of ethics. Doctors think only of money, some think that our country is poor, lack of modern technology like abroad, and some opinions focus on The Ministry of Health has neglected to tighten and expand controls on hospitals and institutions that Involved in health services in the country that cause fraud in the position of doctor but not qualified As a doctor. All of this is a problem, but another important thing is the lack of information, the choice of hospitals is not clear. Or find a doctor who does not specialize in treatment.

If you know or see a doctor who specializes in your disease, you have high hopes and sure Will be healed. After all, most patients go to a doctor who is close or well-known for their excellent treatment, but they do not think so. What are the illnesses of those who are healed, and the doctors who are in charge of the hospital there are Any specialty. If you go to a good place, you will be referred to a doctor who specializes in your disease. Unfortunately, touching the place where there is no ethics, wanting too much money, they will treat you vaguely, how to suck money Even if you know the condition is not possible or they can not be cured.

Generally, medical students can get a lot of information from reliable doctors, and most of them A doctor on duty at a public hospital in charge of his specialty He also has many years of experience in his field and holds degrees from European countries.

The following is a list of some of the specialists we have interviewed from medical students. Some data may vary, such as roles and consultation hours.

Doctor namePosition in Government public serviceSpecialistWorking houradressother or reference
1Mey sithachchef of dermatology service at Phreah Kosamak hospital ( pet loksang)រោគសើស្បែកdirmatology2pm- 5 pmក្រោយ​ទីស្ដីការគណៈរដ្ឋ​មន្ត្រីchea vinavet086393672
2Eav SokhaChef of Oncology service at Khmer-Soviet hospital ( pet russia)មហារីកOncology (Cancer)chea vinavet096 5933282
3Thong Meng Longchef of ORL service at Ang Doung hospitalត្រចៀមច្រមុះបំពង់កORL ( Oto Rino Larangology) ear, nose, and throat.ម៉ោងសម្រាកពីការងារ 11h-12h/ 5h—ទល់មុខផ្សារហេងលី. 012 853 727Sokharavy089 365 089
4Koy vannyhead of cambodian diabetes society/ calmetទឹកនោមផ្អែម និង ពកកDiabetes  and endocrine 6h-8h17h30-19hជិត Interconchoeu bunsy077971131
5Ngy menghead of ophtalmology department at soviet hospital and director of soviet hospital     ភ្នែកក6h-11hផ្លូវ​ភ្លោះ​ ជិតផ្សារអូឬស្សីchoeu bunsy077971131;
6Kouch Hachhead of Urinary tract departement at Kalmetតំរង់នោម   ជិត​រង្វង់​មូល​សំពៅមាស

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