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What does helping and cheating look like?

Why explain the comparison of these two words if they are so different? That’s why the word fascinates me because the actions that make up these two words can change. On the other hand, if the action is done with different intentions. What does it mean to act with different intentions?

When you explain to someone why you want to reach a goal that you want them to understand or Believe you have used all means of strategy, intelligence, flexibility, experience, evidence and sometimes the speaker turns a lie, persuasion or forever To the point of intimidation also exists. Is it a scam? It is a deception if the desired goal is self-serving and destructive. The common interest, the public interest, the interests of someone or the interests of the person you are talking to. Conversely, if this can benefit the audience or the common good of the motherland, then it is no longer Another scam and it helps. This is the intention.

In the same political arena, you may have heard it said, “Politics is an art of success or achievement.” Anyone can say and do, but look at the intent of the doer. What are they doing for and for whom? Some people make excuses to hide their negligence and guilt from those around them by turning their backs on and lying to Prevent the situation from becoming chaotic or chaotic. This diversion and lie is not a scam if it is done for the benefit of others or society. National. But the lowest price if they do it for their own benefit or for the team They.

Lying to control the situation for the benefit of all is a good thing. As the old saying goes, “Do not give up the crooked path, do not give up the straight path.” In my opinion, the crooked path he meant did not refer to deception, but sometimes the truth can not. Too much disclosure in some circumstances can make the situation worse. Therefore, they need to use some lies, but with good intentions, to help others, not for their own benefit.

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