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Forms of Hong Kong Higher Education System

Higher education is important in Hong Kong. There are eight universities and many other institutions of higher learning that do not require university status. All higher education institutions that offer the program include undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as associate degrees and master’s degrees. . The number of places available for this bachelor’s degree is less than the number of students who meet the requirements For admission to the university. From the beginning of this school year, many courses will be extended to four years in accordance with the policy of Government 3 + 3 + 4 (three years of secondary school and three years of high school, then four years of university). For students who fail to qualify for the undergraduate program, an associate degree is required. Or a master’s degree that can confirm that you will be able to continue your studies later and it is a good choice. Popular. Sometimes it is also possible to get a transfer form from someone who has successfully completed a master’s degree. Higher degree or associate degree in a bachelor’s degree program abroad with some credit transfer. In terms of postgraduate studies, the trend for Hong Kong residents is to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. . As for the situation of postgraduate students at local universities, there is a significant number of students who come. From mainland China.

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