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10 tools in Microsoft office, you have to know to make your thesis look great format like professional.

1-Page Layout and Margin

Set the paper type and margin of the paper_above side, below side, left side and right side.

2-Format Painter

It replicates both stylized fashion colors, etc. from one text style to another.

3-Line Spacing and Paragraph

How to put the gap from one line to another line, and a deviation from paragraph to paragraph.

4-Insert page Number

For page numbering. Normal numbers or Roman numerals.

5-Page break and section break page

For  a break from the page to the Home page and detachable part to the other part so that there is such a number every slider or breaks. A lot of parts that can detach preservation. For example, page numbering, such as roman 4-5 first part, but the next part is numbered.

6-Table of content

For the contents of the text with page numbers automatically. To do that you must be able to determine the title, subtitle and subsequent preferences in order.

7-Insert Table of figure

The content of the images or tables contained in the article, showing the page number and the title of it automatically.

8-Create numbering

Auto Title structural status of such preferences (chapter) Title (lessons) Title of each lesson and a series of small tastes.

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