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Lazy farmer

By Khoy bunlot 

I went to visit the farmers growing the vegetables as bunching onions, lettuces, and mustard greens supported by one company on yesterday and in this morning. One issue printed in my mind is still not removed and this posted issue occurs to the farmers
living in Takeo province. It is still died me after hearing senseless reason from the word-of-mouth farmers when the company provides the farmers free with the technical supports like agricultural scientists and agents and supplying materials as well as crops, trips, trays, tubes, machines, net, chemical fertilizers, natural fertilizers, and insecticides to transplant seedling vegetables in the beds recommended and instructed by the company for free non flooded land around farmer houses with the plentiful water all seasons in the pond . 

Additionally, the company is made contracts and paid back unproductive beds for the farmers and limited price for productive harvest vegetables. Unfortunately, some of them rejected this project without a thousand of miles thinking since they keep making excuses such as unrest time, hardworking, low price. Thus, I assume that the farmer perceptions get money without doing.

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