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Facebook usage statistics in Cambodia

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media sites in the world. 500 million. In Cambodia, Facebook offers almost unlimited freedom of expression. Freedom of the press has discouraged some people from doing the wrong thing for fear of breaking into the system. Facebook and defamation. For learning, small and large business advertising has also benefited greatly from Facebook.

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Lazy farmer

By Khoy bunlot  I went to visit the farmers growing the vegetables as bunching onions, lettuces, and mustard greens supported by one company on yesterday and in this morning. One issue printed in my mind… Read More »Lazy farmer

Natural Interest

There are 3 interesting thing in this video. First, I introduce you to look at the small insect which look very beautiful in red color. But the thing is, you might be very regret if you… Read More »Natural Interest