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Facebook usage statistics in Cambodia

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used social media sites in the world. 500 million. In Cambodia, Facebook offers almost unlimited freedom of expression. Freedom of the press has discouraged some people from doing the wrong thing for fear of breaking into the system. Facebook and defamation. For learning, small and large business advertising has also benefited greatly from Facebook.

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What is higher education ?

The meaning of the word “higher education” or “under postgraduation” can not be explained simply. No. But simply put, it is the level of education that we have to continue to study after high school, is to study at an institute, college or university or Other technical and vocational training institutions.
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Educational form in Thailand

The two main elements of higher education are the Diploma and the Degree level. This degree is intended primarily for students who have chosen a vocational degree in high school. It takes one to four years to complete. Aimed at Diploma Courses
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