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You & Your PROBLEMS (The summary )

You and Your problem: The summary

Many people around the world always have their own problems. Some problem can be solved and some cannot. So what can we do with our problems? To dial with the problem we have to understand much about problems. There is a book “You & Your PROBLEMS” written by Dr. K SRIDHAMMANADA will lead you to aware your problems and dial effectively with it. In this book, the author take lots of advises from Buddha’s theorems, and some from the famous people as Chinese philosophers, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Gandhi, W. Evan Wentz, and Jesus to verify and support his ideas and to make you wisely aware yourself.

In the first chapter of the book, the author wants to show you about the nature and cause of the problems. This means there are a lot factors that cause problems such as craving, delusion, ambition, intoxication, jealousy and more bad feeling of human. Some problems are natural and we cannot avoid like disease, old age and death. And he also claims that people themselves make their own problems and no one can escape from problem and pain. Furthermore, he says that new sciences and technologies have filled the enjoyments of people, but the truth is it is the main causes of the problem. Then, he shows that all problems cause stress and then stress cause disease. Moreover, he tells about the way to understand and manage the stress to become happiness by living in a normal life, developing morality, controlling senses, meditating, and cultivating positive emotions.

In the next chapter, he states about the role of religion that help to solve our problems, too.  In this, he focuses much on Buddha’s lessons such as understanding why thing happen, human dignity, peace, and happiness. People have to use their life time correctly and not to expect the benefit from unknown or uncertain thing in the future. In addition, he concerns about people who used the name of religion to fulfill their bad ambitious. He also compares the opposite words that affect the human problems; for instance, the words “Gain and loss, Fame and ill-Fame, Praise and blame, and Happiness and sorrow. The last of this chapter, he talks about the importance of the religious principles that lead human to have happiness especially Buddhism.

Another two chapters tell about the problems that happen among “Self and Family” and “Man and Society”. This talks about love and what is better than love. It also about the marriage and sometimes can lead to a divorce. Next, the divorce cause many problems like abortion or child abuse or poverty. And the last chapter shows about the right attitude that people have to follow and avoid from bad attitude; for example, avoiding from drug abuse, alcoholism, being theft, robbery, gambling, sex related crimes, committing suicide and more related to bad characteristic that badly affect themselves or others . And also this chapter teaches people to manage their manner and feeling, to spend the best of life, to know what to forgive and forget, and to bring peace to other just like to yourself.

In conclusion, the meaning of this book will make us understanding the nature of life as the problems we created and the way to control it; then, the peace and happiness will efficiently come to our mind or life.

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