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How many kind of friends do you have ?

Consider and imagine what you’ve been through. Who do you have!!!

1-Foreplay fun friend: This kind of friend  will persuade you to go to Karaoke  and to entice drinking or join fun activities , but never asked to work as idealistic . This will favor another to Happy Together. On Social Media activity like FACEBOOK will be worth about drinking or fun activities . Generally fun activities they like to do is drift out conscience like ravings . Somebody said, ‘ I like the associations to do anything stupid and do not like friends to do the right thing too . The right to do that properly .

2-Friends friendly fawn: This kind accept us because they may benefit from us, in a sense of, to the mutual advantage such a friend likes to entice poker or other gambling together to borrow money poker business but not to borrow money.. And.. They are not afraid of the legs flattering compliment us to benefit from us. Such is the hearse as Khmer proverb ‘father King (died) in no hearse if he died no march. Such is especially rich in exile in Rumduol. They did not dare defend what is right for the masses, because they wanted to curry favor. Such is our esteem for the interests of both sides, especially their own. Such a friend is found in the form of diplomatic relations between one country and another. If such a friendly fashion in Pok favorite comments praising motivation to prove it we don’t care!.

3-Blend : it can do both , but what ‘s important is not happy conscience if karaoke is fun just singing in a chance meeting with a colleague not let friends enjoy on the sufferings of others. Along with building romantic ghost , not only marched father dead friends , but if they fullest lengths to friends .
They do not merit the wrong feet true. They do not lead to time with Lama Serbia or Facebook to Mexico Pok . They are taking advantage entice a non- drinking friend buried liver drug or drift consciousness . Such friends are not taking advantage of absolute self .

Like they say : Tell me how you love the people I know that you are a kind person .

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