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Low achieving student : Solution

Low Achieving Student

Low achieving student

In educational system, there are still some problems with teacher or educator about the abilities of their students or the low achievements in school. There are reasons that affect the student achievements such as home environment, heredity, or obstacle in the classroom and this mostly happens on low-status students. In order to respond to the discussion question “To what extent would you be willing to contact parents of low achieving students when you become a teacher? Do you think this should be part of the classroom teacher’s responsibilities?” , I think the answer may relates to some reasons above.

For me when I am a teacher, I think I definitely be willing to contact parents of low achieving students because parents have the important role to care and have an effect on their children. In addition, the family especially parents are the environment of the children. When the family has problems or violence, the children will not feel good to study then they cannot take a good grade class. Another factor is that if their family is poor, they have to work or help their parents’ work and then they do not have must time to study at home or they feel tired in class because of much work. Then, they will become a low achieving student. What if we contact their parents and let them know the problems of their children, they will change they attitude, encourage their child to focus only on study, and make them happy to study. As a result, the children will be better.

To the second question, I think classroom teacher is really the most important part to help student improving. This mean that if the teacher careless about their students and do not inspire them to study, the student cannot be well educated. In addition, although the students come to class carry out with the bad from home feeling, teacher can help them to forget that, try to attract their interest, and make them enjoy with the study and classmates. In class some students are high achievement and some are low achievement, if the teacher follow the high one and careless with the low one, what happen to the low achievement and the whole class achievement?  Therefore, teachers must take more responsibilities to deal with this problem.

In conclusion, we would be willing to contact parents of low achieving students when becoming a teacher and classroom teacher have to take more responsibilities to the low achieving students, too, in order to make good relationship between students, students’ parents, and teacher and increase the high achievements students of their own school.

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