When Impossible becomes Possible, it is called Incredible ! 

What you believe might not be truth but if it is unbelievable, it was just truth.


Hell is my swimming pool, and Heaven is my b**ch. What else you could recommend?
The same place, the same camera, and the same scene but NOT the same meaning for those who taking the photo and Who will looking at it.
Age is exactly and mathematically just NUMBER. YET, that number is closed to the DEADline.
You can pick one favorite and useful number for yourself from the infinite number and show to everyone BUT it’s insane if you want to prove that you can get the biggest one or get all numbers from the infinite number.
It's very suck! when I've came so far and try so hard for only a purpose, yet in the middle of the process I just forgot what is it about.
“Only a stupid seeks for perfection, smart person defines his own perfection- and sometime modifies it.”
A way to be happy is just don't give a F**K!


Don’t mind the sentences here! These are my reflection and thought, it might be right, wrong or dump.  IT depends on what I mess up with my life.