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Science Freshmen’s Choices of Majors at One University in Phnom Penh

Science Freshmen’s Choices of Majors at One University in Phnom Penh

This research is conducted by Mr. Huy Pagna in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Education in Educational Administration and Leadership at Master of Education program, Royal University of Phnom Penh.


The purpose of this research was to investigate factors identified by first year science students as influences on their choice of study major. The sample consisted of 60 students from one university in Phnom Penh. It was a mixed-method study using a survey-questionnaire and individual interviews.​​​ Collected data was analyzed and interpreted using descriptive and inferential statistics as well as thematic analysis and interpretations.

The main findings were summarized as follows:

The results of the study revealed that the most influential factor was “the interest and love of the subjects”. In contrast, the least influential factor was the influence of people outside the family (friends and teachers). In addition, results indicated that students’ gender and students’ families’ monthly income, on the whole, did not affect students’ responses to the survey questions in a statistically significant way.

For more information or access this research, please go to get a permission from Faulty of Education at Royal University of Phnom Penh or directly contact by the author, Mr. Huy Pagna, via emal:

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