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Shifting tensions HE & VET in France Part III : Conclusion

Shifting tensions between Higher Education (HE) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in France


The Vocational Education and Training have really an important role in develop their pupils’ professional skills which are the most challenging into the labour market. Also, general education or higher education policy maker try to produce the policy that is linked and included the professional skill which can provide more opportunity for student to easily find a job when graduate. Moreover, at tertiary level in France, the gap between mass tertiary education and elite education provided through the Grandes écoles remains important because a large share of the students who compete for upper management and higher civil servant positions are recruited from the Grandes écoles. Also, the distinction between universities and universities of applied science also remains prominent, despite the introduction of Bachelors and Masters Degrees in its organizational forms, which enables to compete more directly for students than before. Such institutional relationships between future occupational positions and vocational and higher education opportunities discussed here will have to be further explored, especially as standardization efforts, such as the European Qualification Framework, are developed and applied.


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