The inconvenient truth of school dropouts in Cambodia

In 2003, there were approximately 700.000 students (100%) enrolled in grade 1 throughout the country and only about 35.000 students (5%) successfully passed grade 12 in 2015, while roughly 665.000 students (95%) were either acutely forced to drop out along the way or remarkably delayed by their grads repetition. Dropouts is a serious issue which deserved more attentions as proved by this alarming statistic. With financial and technical supports from KOICA, Faculty of Education at […]

Transition from a University to a workplace

by Vis Stalo There are nine mechanisms that need to be in place to ensure transition from university to the workplace. First, there should be the forum between private sectors and universities to discuss demand and supply sides. Second, it is vital that the curriculum designs at universities are responsive and updated for the industry needs. Third, university students shall receive good career guidance like job cancelling services provided by their university or via National […]

The road to promote research

The road to promote research at Higher Education Institutions remains bumpy and there are some reasons why Cambodian universities cannot undertake major and multi-disciplinary research studies. The first and most important cause lies in the lack in number of experienced and qualified researchers. Secondly, doing researches generates less income compared with teaching, which discourage competent faculty members to get involved largely in doing them. Thirdly, a shortage of facilities and limited access to relevant documents […]