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The Mini-Report : Structured Interview P2

    The Mini-Report : Structured Interview

Part 2 of 6

Interview Guideline

Could you tell me a little bit about your living condition and family?
How many members are there in your family?
Are you single or married?
Who are responsible for supporting your family and study?
Where are you living while taking this course? Inside or outside Phnom Penh?
How about your job?
What make you decide to pursue your postgraduate study (Master degree)?
How do personal development factors motivate you to continue your post-graduate study?
How does the program satisfy your desire in self-improvement?
How does it make you gain more respect from others?
How does it make you gain more self-confidence?
How does it make you achieve your educational goal?
How does it make you improve your English skill?
How does career enhancement encourage you?
How does this program help you to earn higher compensation?
How does this program help you to have opportunity for more challenging work?
How does it help you to get promoted to a higher position?
How does it help you to establish a wider connection?
How does it help you to remain competitive in the business field?
How do career switching factors motivate you?
How does it help you to change occupational area?
How does it help you to move from your current career path to a new one?
How do environmental factors motivate you?
How does this program fulfill your family’s expectation?
How does it help you to comply with peer pressure?
How does it help you to obtain credential as regulated by the law?
How does it help you to act in accordance to social values?
Would you tell me about the challenges you experienced during study?
What are the personal factors that you used to face?
Do you think health condition could be your challenge?
Do you think starting working is better than go on study?
Do you think the feeling of studying could affect your study?
Do you think English usage is the challenging for you?
Do you have any accommodation problems?
Are there any family background problems that challenging your study?
How time factors challenge your study?
Is the time for the course available for you?
Do you think this course will keep you busy and no time to relax?
Do you think you have enough time to complete this course?
If you are working full time, can it be your challenges for your study?
Do you think work and study at the same time will affect your study?
How do the financial factors affect your study?
Do you think you can afford for this study?
Do you think the university fee is acceptable?
Does your work place located far away from university? So you will spend more time &money)
How university courses factors affect your study?
Does Master degree require a lot of hard work?

Is conducting research challenging for you?
Does the university require high GPA or Credit?
Does the university require you to have high quality of English?
Does the entrance test obstruct your motivation?
How does research course affect your study?
Are there any problems related to lack of equipment?
Are there any problems of data collection?
Do you have any supervisor problems?
Are there any problems related to University Administration?
What strategies that you have used to overcome those challenges?
Do you use your own experience to handle the challenges? Explain
Do you use previous students’ experiences to handle the challenges?


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