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The Summary : Guide to becoming rich without cutting up your credit card

Guide to becoming rich without cutting up your credit card
The Summary

Most people in the world always want to be rich or to be millionaire. According to the audio book “Guide to becoming rich without cutting up your credit card” that written by Robert T-Kiyosaki. He assures that there are many way to becoming rich and he mostly focuses on “The Price” that we are willing to pay.

First chapter is talking about the price of being cheap. Everything has the price. They look the price in different way. People do not pay the same price. Some people try to be rich by being cheap but they are still cheap; however, they pay a price on it.

Second chapter is the price of a mistake. The author wants to explain that when you make mistakes, you can learn from it and treat it like the lesson of your life. People have to face their mistake, try to change, and do not let the same mistake happen again. The author also claimed that when you fail one time, it does not mean you are a failure.

Third chapter describes about the price of education. All kinds of education are important. For instance, scholar education that teaches you to read or write, professional education that teaches you the skills to work for money, and financial education that teaches you how to have money work hard for you. Moreover, the author declares that the most important education is the financial education because you cannot be rich without financial skill.

Fourth chapter is the price of cutting your credit card. It is not good idea to cutting your credit card or to live below your mean in order to avoid debt, does not make you rich and happy. Thus, the author explained that it is a better way to understand more about debt than live below your mean. To have a financial freedom without using your financial well being he also gives us four lessons such as the importance of bad debt and good debt, the power of inspiration, money for both asset and life ability, and what asset that your banker love the most.

The fifth chapter is about how much debt do you really have and the method to solve it. The last chapter is about what is the price of change. The author describes about the fear of making a mistake. It means that some people still do nothing because of fear and they do not change this concept.

In conclusion, you can be rich if you are willing to pay a price for it and there are a lot of choices to choose to pay the price. This is the quote or the choice that the author was willing to pay to become a millionaire “you have to improve your financial literacy, your financial intelligent and be willing accountable to yourself, your result, your continuing education, and your personal development and become a better human being”.

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